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Recycled Bomb Products

It started with a spoon. 
Laos is the most bombed country on earth and the legacy of the war remains.
A Million Elephants works with artisans in Ban Naphia, a small rural village in one of the most heavily bombed provinces during the Secret War in Laos to transform and inspire peace through repurposing UXO (unexploded ordnance). 
This collection is made from recycled aluminum sourced from bombs, planes and other war scrap metal objects from the Vietnam War era. All artisans have been trained in handling, cleaning and smelting the metals safely. Not only does this craft contribute in helping clear the land of UXO, it gives people a chance to see light out of a darker time not too long ago.
All purchases support de-mining efforts and artisan rural livelihoods in Laos.
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