Conscious Life & Style Loves A Million Elephants

One of the most rewarding things for us as a social enterprise is seeing the positive impact we can have not only in Laos and the artisans we support, but being able to contribute to a shift in consumer behaviour that encourages a sustainable lifestyle and slow fashion as a whole.

We partnered with Conscious Life & Style because we share similar values and are so humbled that she gave an honest review of what she thinks about our brand and mission. She wrote a blog post called "A Million Elephants - The Brand Bringing New Life To Artisan Goods Decades After Destruction" and think if you want to learn more about us or how you could use one of our beautiful handwoven throws, you should check it out here!

One of my favourite parts of her blog is when she talks about our products that are made from recycled aluminum from bombs dropped in Laos and of course the beautiful photos she shared...

"To see the work these artisans have done to use the materials that contaminate the land into art left me a bit awe-struck. After trying on the bracelet, I couldn’t help but think of the cliché, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”"

A Million Elephants Ethical Fashion

A Million Elephants Conscious Style Elephant Scarf

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