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Our Story

A MILLION ELEPHANTS products are all handcrafted in Laos.

We are on a mission to create opportunities for Lao artisans to earn supplementary income while at the same time contribute to the growing cultural awareness of Laos. We work with artisans in various villages to create modern jewelry, personal accessories, home decor and gift items for the socially conscious.

Our belief is simple. Trade should have a conscience and artisans should receive fair value for their work. Maximizing profits at the expense of other people and our planet is not our philosophy. 

Brittany Petrie, Founder


Brittany in Laos 2018Brittany lives in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Growing up in a mixed family with a Laotian father, she has always had a desire to connect with her cultural roots. She had her first visit to Laos in January 2017 when she was 26 years old and immediately felt a connection with the people and environment. One evening at a night market in Luang Prabang, she met a child selling handicrafts made from war shrapnel. This single encounter with a child the same age as her own son, sparked and inspired the idea behind A MILLION ELEPHANTS. To learn more about what motivates Brittany read her first blog post here



Manikhong Family


Brittany's father is one of twelve siblings who escaped Laos after the Vietnam War ended in the late 1970s. For years, they had to live in a refugee camp in Thailand until New Life Community Church in British Columbia, Canada luckily sponsored them. Her family history is deeply influenced from the impact of the Secret War, like many Laos- Canadians and Laos-Americans today. Currently, four of her uncles are involved in the handicraft and wood industry in Laos and the United States, as artisans, distributors or international exporters. Many of the exotic wood products sold by A MILLION ELEPHANTS are specially handcrafted by our founder's uncle Souphom Manikhong and his team of artisans (operating as UniWood) in Thekhek, Laos.

Artisans in Laos

A MILLION ELEPHANTS works with many different artisans all across Laos. Many of the handwoven textiles and silk products are made in northern Luang Prabang or Vientiane, while our recycled UXO products are only made in a small rural village called Ban Naphia in the Xieng Khuang province. Our jungle vine products are made by the Khmu, an indigenous group in the northern provinces of Oudomxay and Bokeo. All products are handmade using traditional skills and techniques that have been passed on for generations.