Exploring Laos- Kuang Si Falls

Laos is definitely one of those destinations that is overlooked when people, especially in North America, think of a paradise vacation. I hope that by the time you finish this first travel highlight, you'll think again about adding Laos to your travel bucket list- you'll be sorry if you didn't! 

I was lucky enough to travel to Laos not only once but two times last year. The first time I went my favourite and most memorable part of the trip was visiting Kuang Si Waterfall in Luang Prabang. This was a place that my father would tell me stories about as a child. He would tell me how the city he was born in, had the most magical waterfalls you could ever imagine. Waterfalls that went on and on, with cascading pools of turquoise water, surrounded by lush tropical jungle. I never actually took his word for it and often brushed his descriptions off as dramatic and extra.. but then I saw Kuang Si Falls for myself the first time and was left standing there speechless- it literally took my breath away. I remember walking (ok maybe running with excitement) along the falls trying to get to the top, with a huge smile on my face the entire time. Now that I think back, I probably looked a little crazy because no sane person alone should be grinning like that; but I found my happy place and it was perfect. 

The second time I went to Laos my son Paxton travelled with me. He loves to explore and I knew if I could only bring him to see one place during our trip- it was going to be Kuang Si Waterfall. If you ask him what his favourite part of the trip to Laos was, I don't doubt he'll say getting to swim in this waterfall. Although it wasn't my first time seeing this fairy tale like place, its beauty still blew me away and will continue to each time I visit. I'm hoping I get to sneak in a day there again later this month on my upcoming trip to Laos *fingers crossed.

I hope you all one day get to visit this beautiful place- until then enjoy some photos we took below.. they truly don't even do it justice! 

Kuang Si Falls

Paxton Looking at the Falls

Laos Waterfall

Kuang Si Falls

P.S- there is a small admission fee to enter falls but as a bonus you also get access to the Bear Rescue Centre, which was also lots of fun and very educational. 



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