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Empowered Women with Disabilities in Laos Making Ethical and Sustainable Gifts

One of the organizations we work with is Lao Disabled Women's Development Centre (LDWDC).  Founded in 1990, LDWDC is run by Lao women with disabilities for Lao women with disabilities. There, women with disabilities receive an education, life skills and vocational training.

Lao Women Disabled Center in Laos

Besides their work to give women with disabilities a future, LDWDC is actively working to change the perception of people with disabilities in Laos. They actively advocate for the rights, recognition and equal opportunity of disabled women, promoting awareness and raising the profile of disabled women in Laos and encourage the understanding and acceptance of people with disability in society.

I remember with fondness my visit at LDWDC in the capital city, Vientiane. From their hands come to us beautiful crafts like silk tassel earrings and recycled newspaper bead tassel earrings. One little way to help such a wonderful organization with ethical and sustainable gifts!

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