LAO VINE BAGS: Fashionable and Eco-friendly

We are so excited about our latest bag collection, which is made from 100% kudzu vines that grow wildly in the jungles of northern Laos.  

Jungle Vine Bag

These bags are LITERALLY the most eco-friendly re-useable bags on the market!  Not only are these bags biodegradable, they are incredibly strong...up to 4x stronger than your cotton bags. That said, don't let their delicate lace appearance fool you. 

On top of being crafted from a sustainable fiber, we love these bags for so many other reasons. As each bag is handcrafted, you are always getting a totally unique and special product. Each purchase also supports the indigenous Khmu women.

They are the perfect bag for your farmers market trips, beach days and shopping adventures. Plus, because they are so compactable and lightweight, they make the PERFECT travel bag for all you world explorers. Take a look at how we like to use our jungle vine bags in the pictures below and leave a comment letting us know what you would use your bag for! 

Produce Market Bag Yoga Bag

Beach Bag

Book Bag

Check out our quick comparison graphics below to see how our jungle vine bags compare to your typical plastic and cotton bags. To learn more, visit our collection page and get one before they are gone. 


Jungle Vine Compared to Plastic Bag

Jungle Vine Compared to Cotton Bag

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