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The Lavender Farm

Have you stopped and smelled the lavender?

If you are in need of a real place to slow down and relax, look no further than a field of lavender. This past weekend we went to check out The Lavender Farm and boy was it ever beautiful (not to mention it smelled incredible). Lavender season is relatively short lived in Ontario, which is why we are grateful that we have lavender fields so close to our home. 

We had such a lovely visit and love to support sustainable and organic farms. We encourage you to go check out and support your local farmers because at the end of the day, they are having a positive impact in the world in which we share and live. Oh, and of course the farm makes for the perfect photo backdrop- just check out our photos below featuring some of our fav A MILLION ELEPHANTS pieces and let us know what you think.


Pretty darn cute wouldn't you agree? 

Products Featured: 

-Natural Bamboo Tote Bag

-Classic Bangles

-Woven Baskets

-Blanket Scarf/Throw in Grey and Blue 

Side Note- Be(e) careful of the buzzing bees =). 



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