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Indigenous Khmu Women Making Eco-Friendly Lao Vine Products

Located in Northern Laos in the province of Oudomxay, is a small rural Khmu village. The indigenous Khmu, is an ethnic tribe known as the original people in Northern Laos.

One of the crafts the Khmu have perfected over many decades is the art of transforming the natural resource of kudzu vine into many beautiful and practical products for everyday living. This natural fiber has been crucial for their survival for thousands of years and the local villagers have been using "kheuapaid" for carrying crops since the beginning. 

khmu artisan works while nurturing her child

We are proud to support and work with over 95 makers for our Lao Vine Collection. All Khmu artisans are paid a fair wage for their work and enjoy working from the comfort of their homes, as they nurture their children.

 khmu women working outside of their homes in northern Laos

By purchasing Lao Vine products you are helping reduce rural poverty in Laos, preserve an ancient craft and supporting sustainable products that help mitigate the climate crisis. You can learn more about the process in how our eco-friendly Lao vine products are made below. 

Visiting a Khmu village in Laos