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Traditional Weaving and Textiles in Laos Using Lao Silk and Hand Spun Cotton

Weaving in Laos Wooden Loom

An artisan weaves a table runner using a traditional wooden loom in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Traditional Lao weaving continues to be passed down from mother to daughter in Laos, as it has for hundreds of years. Traditional Lao silk weaving is unique extremely time consuming as it is completely done by hand starting with breeding the silk worms. 

A simple pattern can take a skilled weaver a full week to complete, whereas a more complex pattern can take months. When weavers receive fair value for their work, they are able to continue practicing the skills passed down from older generations and prevent the endangered weaving techniques from being lost.

We are proud to offer high quality handmade textiles that are culturally rich and timeless in design. All of our products are purchased following fair trade principles including fair wages and safe environments.